Welcome to our report, “Positive Trends and Potential Challenges for African Americans in Indianapolis.”

This comprehensive analysis highlights the progress being made within the African American community in Indianapolis, while also addressing the ongoing challenges that require attention. Through this report, we aim to provide a balanced perspective on the strides achieved and the areas that need further support and resources.

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Research by Pillar

Explore the in-depth research behind the Indianapolis African American Quality of Life Initiative (IAAQLI), which focuses on six key pillars essential for the well-being of Black residents in Indianapolis:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship: Learn about the strategies and support systems designed to foster economic growth and success within the African American community.
  • Education: Discover the educational initiatives aimed at enhancing academic achievement and opportunities for African American students.
  • Employment: Understand the efforts to improve employment rates and career advancement for African Americans in Indianapolis.
  • Health and Wellness: Dive into the health programs and services addressing the unique challenges faced by the African American community.
  • Housing and Homeownership: Explore the initiatives promoting stable and affordable housing and increasing homeownership among African Americans.
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement: See how leadership development and civic engagement are being encouraged to empower African Americans to take active roles in their communities.

These research insights guide our funding strategies and are crucial for creating lasting, positive change. We invite you to delve deeper into each pillar to understand the full scope of our work and its impact on the African American community in Indianapolis.