Interested organizations should review this page to check application requirements. Applicants are encouraged to review all tutorial videos to learn about how to prepare for the grant process and how to complete and submit an application.

Awards will be announced in January.

For all rounds of funding, the IAAQLI Management Team, in partnership with the National Urban League, the Indianapolis Urban League and the African American Coalition of Indianapolis, has the option to transfer dollars within or across its strategies. The total dollar amount allocated for the five issue areas will not change.

Anticipated RFP Timeline

RFP Date of Issue:
September 5, 2023

Written Questions from Q&A session Due to Email:
September 19, 2023

IUL Posts Answers to Questions:
September 25, 2023

RFP Proposals Due to Smarter Select:
October 20, 2023

Anticipated Proposal Awards:
January 2024