The opportunity to submit applications for round 1 is now closed.

The next round of funding is projected after August 2022.

Grant Application:

Below are the instructions for the Grant Application, which provides an overview of the application process. This resource will be useful prior to completing the grant application process as it gives detailed guidance for what to expect in the grant application within Smarter Select.

download the instructions


Budget Template:

Below is the IAAQLI Budget Form. This is the required Budget Form for all applications and should be 1) downloaded, 2) completed, then 3) uploaded to all grant applications within Smarter Select.

download the budget form

A link to this same form is made available within the grant application system–Smarter Select. 

Anticipated RFP Timeline

RFP Date of Issue:
March 15, 2022

Written Questions from Q&A session Due to Email:   –  March 28, 2022

IUL Posts Answers to Questions:
April 2, 2022

RFP Proposals Due to Smarter Select:
April 22, 2022, 11:59 pm

Anticipated Proposal Awards:
June 2022

IAAQLI Public Meeting for Round 1 Funding (March 12)

watch the video